Single Bed Fair Isle

To create your own patterns, refer to section "Pattern creation". Carriage part names are defined on page 32 of the KH910 manual.

For your first practice sample, use this Triangles image that also comes with AYAB 0.9, find it on your computer in the folder [path to your AYAB installation]/AYAB/patterns/


  1. Cast on using needles Left30 - Right30 and knit a few rows of stockinette, ending on the left (KH910 manual, pp. 10-15, 18-21).
  2. Position the carriage so that the magnet on the center back of the carriage is outside the left turn mark.
  3. Run the AYAB software. In AYAB, left-click "Load pattern" and browse for the image triangles_60x10.png that is located in [Path to your AYAB installation]/AYAB/patterns/. (If you want to knit a different pattern, choose a black/white raster image, preferrably in .PNG file format. It must be at least as wide as the needles you are using)
  4. In the AYAB software, leave all the settings as they are: Single Bed, Color 2, Start Row 1, Start Needle 30, Stop Needle 30, Alignment Center.
  5. Click Configure, wait a moment.
  6. Click Knit. Wait until it says "Please init machine"
  7. Set the KC change knob to KC1 or KC2.
  8. Move the carriage so the magnet on the back of the carriage crosses the left turn mark, and STOP.
  9. IMPORTANT!!! Wait 2 or 3 seconds, there will be a "triple-beep"
  10. Continue across the row. After you pass the end of the selected needles, it should beep.

Our pattern has some black squares in row 1, you can see that they have been selected forward to D position.
If you are "air-knitting" (no yarn) you can just continue passing the carriage back and forth from here.

To set up for Fair Isle:

  1. Stop when the carriage is on the right at the end of the first row.
  2. Press the top half of the center button on the front of the carriage (or the whole center button ("MC") if yours is all one piece, see KH910 manual, p.42)
  3. Thread the second yarn into feeder B, and hold the loose end of the yarn for the first few stitches (KH910 manual, p.42).

Knit back and forth. There's a beep at the end of each row.

Note: As of AYAB v0.95 the beep happens right as you finish the row; earlier documentation mentions waiting for the beep because it used to have a longer delay. Now you do not need to wait, just turn around smoothly. You can watch the row numbers count up in the software.

At Row 10, you'll see "Image Transmission finished."
Knit until the long beep, then stop and look at the needles. Notice that it has selected the needles for row 10, but we haven't knitted them yet. So knit one more pass from left to right. Now we have really finished, all needles are at B.
Set the KC knob to NL, unthread the contrast color and knit a few rows of white (KH910 manual, p.43). Binding off is described on page 22 or pages 111-114 of the KH910 manual.

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